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On fretless guitars

Having messed with my fretless Intrepid for a few weeks now, I can see some of the instrument’s strengths and weaknesses. I love the feel of a neck without frets and the wiggle-room it provides if I’m not exactly playing the note that I intended. Intonation is the big tradeoff. For playing power chords and leads, this thing is awesome, but trying to get chords in tune when my fingers don’t easily fit in the same “fret” is quite the hassle.

I’m working on some new stuff with the fretless and one of the tracks is the heaviest thing I’ve ever committed to tape. Aesthetically this might be closer to Shufflebrain but the writing and production methods are pure Caustic Reverie, so I think that’s how I will release it. The working title is Interference Patterns.

Experiments in a Holographic Universe

Released June 23rd 2009, the first Shufflebrain venture is a fusion of noise and ambient. Tortured vocals, heavily processed guitar, and chaotic synthesizers were utilized in these first five experiments. There was a disc crash during the recording of Experiment 4, and the three remixes are alternate reconstructions given the remaining files. It is also available to download from Jamendo.

1. Experiment 1: A Hologramic Theory (4:21)
2. Experiment 2: (redacted) (6:55)
3. Experiment 3: Sense Intensification (4:30)
4. Experiment 4: Memory Overflow (12:15)
5. Experiment 4.1: Memory Recall (6:38)
6. Experiment 4.2: Memory Recursion (4:27)
7. Experiment 4.3: CRC Error (2:51)
8. Experiment 5: The Hologramic Mind (6:31)

More new toys and a new album

I’ve picked up a bunch of new gear in the past few weeks including a Korg Kaossilator and the Native Instruments Kore 2 hardware/software package. I also got the Komplete 5 but I’m having issues getting it registered at the moment. I’m very impressed with the inclusion of paper manuals for all of the plugins and instruments, which also explains why the packaging weighed about ten pounds.

I’ve uploaded the first Shufflebrain album, which is entitled Experiments in a Holographic Universe. It consists of five “experiments” and three remixes. Look for a more detailed post sometime this weekend.