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Radio silence

As of Friday night, I’m no longer employed by Clear Channel Media & Entertainment or Sun-FM’s new owners. It’s been a fun eight years while it lasted and I hope I’ve been able to turn people onto some great music that they wouldn’t ordinarily have heard.

Unfortunately, the Eleventh Hour Radio Show’s past shows appear to be offline this morning. I can’t say if they’ll be available from Sun-FM again, but I’ll make an announcement when I know more about the future of the show.

The Eleventh Hour Podcast #28: Haken, Fatal Fusion, Vulture Industries, Witherscape,

Show #28 of the Eleventh Hour Radio Show’s progressive rock/metal podcast is below.

Haken – Cockroach King
3RDegree – Exit Strategy
Andy Winter – Reversed Psychological Patterns
Monte Pittman – Before the Mourning Son
Witherscape – Astrid Falls
Fatal Fusion – The Ancient Tale
Vulture Industries – The Tower

2014 is here! Holy crap, it’s almost February!

Howdy, folks. I’ve been too busy writing, making music, and otherwise carrying on to give this site regular updates lately. Here’s my late 2013-to-present update of affairs.

On the writing front, I finished a very rough draft of my first novel Casey Stripe: Discount Necromancer. While I was trying to sort it out and turn it into something more readable, November came around again and I started on another NaNoWriMo attempt, which turned into Further Complications, my second novel. As it stands now, my second book might be ready before my first one, since it was less of a tangled mess and didn’t require nearly as much research into the arcane and occult.

My radio show The Eleventh Hour continues on in podcast form. The updates are more sporadic than I’d like, but you can subscribe to the RSS or just like the Facebook page to be notified when new shows are available.

I’m continuing to work on two Source-engine mods: No More Room in Hell, which made the finals for the ModDB awards for 2013, and Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II. Both are available on Steam, though you may need an Orange-box game already installed to get PVKII running.

There have been some lineup changes with my group Identity Collapse but we’ve recently started recording again. Instead of the electronic drum triggers that we used on the demo, we’ve been able to set up microphones around my real drumset at the IC corporate headquarters.

The Eleventh Hour Podcast 27 + Bone Cave Ballet interview

The 27th installment of the Eleventh Hour podcast is below. I got to speak with Jacqui Gilroy from the Seattle-based group Bone Cave Ballet back in November, and our interview is featured on this show. There are also tracks from Seven Impale, Devin Townsend, Little Atlas, Nero Di Marte, and Of Earth.

Seven Impale – What Am I Sane For
Of Earth – Open Letter/Everything
Bone Cave Ballet – Shape to Stay
Jacqui Gilroy – Eleventh Hour Interview part 1
Bone Cave Ballet – Breakup Yoga
Jacqui Gilroy – Eleventh Hour Interview part 2
Little Atlas – Oort
Nero Di Marte – Time Dissolves
Devin Townsend – Down and Under

May update

If it looks I’ve been slacking on the blog postings, it’s because I’ve been nice and busy lately.

I’ve composed my first film soundtrack and it’s for a short movie called Gundick: Cocked and Loaded that premiered at the Mondo Baltimore Pity Party back in April.

Work on No More Room In Hell continues with the new music system that I’ve been contributing shorter pieces to. We have a new release in the works that will give us full Steam functionality through the Greenlight system. Keep an eye out for version 1.07.

I have sixteen installments of the Eleventh Hour Podcast available for streaming at the Sun-FM Page.

Steven Wilson and The Incident

I got to do a phone interview with one of my favorite musicians: Steven Wilson of Porucpine Tree, Bass Communion, Continuum, Blackfield, IEM, and a solo artist. We talked about his new album, remastering King Crimson’s classics for surround sound, and what to expect from the upcoming Orphaned Land album ORwarrior. If all goes well, the tour should take him back in this neck of the woods around the spring of 2010.

I’ve been enjoying the surround mix on the latest Porcupine Tree album The Incident, not to mention the hardcover book of photography that is a part of the deluxe edition. Very cool stuff.