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Miscelaneous music updates

Josh and I are working on another batch of songs for Sumptus Ignis but we haven’t decided yet whether this will be an EP or a full-length.

In Caustic Reverie news, the digital re-release campaign continues. So far, I have uploaded Starter House, Decadent Nemesis, Bones of the Earth, Unearthly Sun, The Descending, Remainders, and Mithridatium.

Drabblecast Episode 362: Starter House

I’m proud to share my contribution to the weird fiction audio podcast The Drabblecast with episode 262: Starter House, by Jason Palmer.


I had a blast recording the music and sound effects to go with this story. I plan on posting a soundtrack album in the near future, as well as some more behind-the-scenes clips of the recording process.

May update

I’ve been busy working on a new audio production project for an upcoming episode of the Drabblecast. I’m working on the narration, voice acting, sound design, and original music on a story that’s bound to gross-out most listeners.

Other than that, I’ve polished and submitted one short story, started a second one, and have resumed revisions on my other novel Casey Stripe: Discount Necromancer.