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New mailing list

I’ve added a mailing list option for those of you who are interested in my books, short stories, and other writings. I plan to post about new releases, sales, and other fun stuff in the future.

Happy 2016

All in all, it’s been an interesting year. I interned at a recording studio, produced an episode of the Drabblecast, published my first novel Further Complications, sold a story to Sanitarium Magazine, and lucked into a position with a very interesting dental practice. I’ve become obsessed with Arkham Horror, Locke & Key, and rekindled my love of Fallout. I’ve been hard at work on editing and revising my second novel, as well as recording and producing an album for my band Identity Collapse.

Further Complications Kindle giveaway event

Hi folks, I’m doing a special for two days on my comedic novel Further Complications for the low, low price of free.

Already read it? Please help spread the word. Write reviews to Amazon and Goodreads, tweet about the freebie, and submit this to your favorite free e-book blog.