Monthly Archives: April 2008

Hello world!

I’ve been threatening to update my horribly out of date website for years. Hooray for blog software for making it relatively easy to set something up.

A little about myself: I’m a graduate of the University of Miami where I double majored in Music Engineering and Computer Science. I code in Java, C++, and php/mysql. I’ve dabbled in Prolog and C#, and I’m in the process of learning Python. I’ve designed sound effects and written music for the independent shooter Facewound and have done voiceover work that appears in Garry’s Mod and Spongebob: The Movie for PC. I run a progressive rock/metal radio show for Sun 103.1/99.5 called the Eleventh Hour.

In my spare time, I like to write. Most of my stuff has been short fiction and essays so far, but I’ve been working on a few scripts here and there and have about a third of a novel banging around in the back of my mind. I’m an aspiring lyricist though I don’t really have anything recorded. I’m primarily a drumset player though I did pick up some marimba, tympani, and hand percussion at UM. I play a bit of bass and have been trying to teach myself guitar aside from the few power chords and Sabbath riffs I’ve picked up from jamming.

Close to the Edge, down by the river

I’m going to be playing one of my favorite side-long prog songs on tonights the Eleventh Hour: Yes – Close to the Edge. Scott lent me the remastered edition of the album, and on it there was a three minute edit for one of the movements that just doesn’t do the song justice. I know it ends up taking about a third of my show but I think more people should hear the song in it’s entirety.