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Absente minded

The other day, I saw an article about absinthe being legalized in several states including Florida. Last Friday, I dropped by the local package store to see what was available. When I asked the woman at the counter if they had any absinthe, she pointed me to gift-set from a brand called Absente that was complete with glass and an absinthe spoon. She assured me it was the real thing but waited until after she had rung up my purchase to ask what the heck it was. It turns out that this brand uses a relative of wormwood to get around the thujone ban, and a lesser advertised fact would be the presence of food coloring to get the trademark green hue. It’s still pretty high proof and a lot less bitter than La Fée.

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 6-22-08

Eleventh Hour playlist for 6-22-08

Vanden Plas – “Shadow I Am”
Fish – “Dark Star”
Rush – “Beneath, Between & Behind”
Scale The Summit – “Penguins In Flight”
Amaseffer – “Slaves for Life”
Asgaut – “Miles of Rain”
Kansas – “Child Of Innocence”
Anti-Depressive Delivery – “Path of Sorrow”
Genesis – “…In That Quiet Earth”
Ozric Tentacles – “O-I”
Simon Says – “Tardigrade”
Green Carnation – “Purple Door, Pitch Black”

Currently listening :
By Karelia
Release date: By 2005-04-11

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 6-15-08

Canvas Solaris – “Chromatic Dusk”
The Watch – “Goddess”
Marillion – “Warm Wet Circles”
Pain of Salvation – “Oblivion Ocean”
Airbag – “Safetree”
Opeth – “Hex Omega”
Enchant – “In the Dark”
Taal – “Yellow Garden”
Kingfisher Sky – “Hallway of Dreams”
Little Atlas – “Paranoiac”

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 6-08-08

Fish – “Square Go”
The Rebel Wheel – “Arachnophobia”
Gentle Giant – “The Power And The Glory (live)”
Sieges Even – “The Waking Hours (Live)”
Van der Graaf Generator – “Nutter Alert (Live)”
Tinyfish – “God Eat God”
To-Mera – “The Lie”
Porcupine Tree – “The Sleep of No Dreaming”
Genesis – “Cul-De-Sac”
Nevermore – “The Heart Collector”

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II = I
By Andromeda
Release date: By 2003-03-11

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 6-01-08

Demians – “Temple”
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – “The Endless Enigma Part One”
3 – “My Divided Falling”
Dream Theater – “One Last Time”
Magenta – “Blind Faith”
Badger – “The Preacher”
Eluveitie – “Elembivos”
IQ – “Speak My Name”
Lord Divine – “No Words”
Perder Pie – “Dogs Next Door”
Subterranean Masquerade – “Kind of a Blur”
Devin Townsend – “The Fluke”