Monthly Archives: July 2008

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 7-27-08

Agent Cooper – “Timing Crucial”
Trey Gunn – “Spirit of Flight”
Bolt – “Variables”
Fates Warning – “Fata Morgana”
Enchant – “Below Zero (Live)”
Daylight Dies – “Last Alone”
Kansas – “Song for America”
Aghora – “Atmas Heave”
Eyestrings – “Stagnant”
Abigail’s Ghost – “Waiting Room”
Spastic Ink – “To Counter and Groove in E Minor”

Lost my greencard today

Someone took my greencard today when I was up in Miami. Luckily, I was getting sworn in to become a US citizen at the time, so it looks like I won’t be needing it.

It was a pretty long ceremony, as they had people stand up by nation in mostly alphabetical order with Cuba being last, probably because they were the largest and loudest group (over 400). I was one of six Canadians out of the 1201 to be naturalized. There was a big projection screen that they used mostly to show footage of a giant American flag fluttering. We recited the oath, said the pledge of allegiance, and then all of a sudden it turned into Lee Greenwood karaoke time. They didn’t use the screen for the oath or the pledge, but by god did we need to have the lyrics to God Bless the USA handy.

As we were leaving, several people with clipboards offered to fill out my voter registration card and mail it for me, probably at the expense of giving me party affiliation. I wonder if I can do a write-in for the Bull Moose party.

Under the Sun/Moon

I was working on the drum levels on my latest song when I realized that it was basically a completely different animal when I muted all the percussion. I’ve since split the song into two realizations: Sub Phoebus and Sub Luna.

Sub Phoebus is closest to the mixdown from the 14th with a working title of Panamaxing, though with more varied percussion and a touch more atmosphere. Sub Luna is an exercise in applied Frippertronics. There is more of an emphasis on space and texture and I’ve changed around the instrumentation. Both songs start and end basically the same but there is a drastic change in mood between them. I’ll post the final tracks when I’m happy with both mixes.

Eleventh Hour playlist for 7-20-08

Under the Sun – “Tracer”
Epica – “Illusive Consensus”
Marillion – “Goodbye To All That/Wave”
Spock’s Beard – “Go the Way You Go (Live)”
Kansas – “Questions Of My Childhood”
Dark Empire – “Closure”
No Machine – “Tell Me”
Egg – “Contrasong”
Canvas Solaris – “The Binaural Beat”
Winds – “Distorted Dimensions”
Rocket Scientists – “Wake Me Up”
Dominici – “March Into Hell”
Rush – “Armor and Sword”

Trip report: Hellboy II

Since everyone was potentially flocking to the theaters to see either The Dark Knight or Mama Mia, I figured it was a good enough time to finally see the new Hellboy installment, The Golden Army.

Visually, it’s one of the most imaginative flicks I’ve seen in a while. Hellboy 2 has more weirdo trolls, faeries, and magical crap than any movie to date except maybe Stardust. I think I preferred the first movie for its Lovecraftian take on Men In Black (or MIB take on cosmic horror), but this time around, I’d easily trade an elf for a shoggoth or two.

I didn’t realize that they’d replaced David Hyde Pierce, so I was a little suprised to hear Abe Sapien not sounding like Frasier Crane’s brother. Doug Jones did a great job physically portraying him but I prefer Niles. Also on the character quibble side, Liz Sherman (Selma Blair) has a really stupid haircut all of a sudden. Seth Green joined the cast to voice the semi-corporeal Johann Krauss and did a great job.

I didn’t care much for the story but it helped move things along from one sprawling action sequence to the next. Unfortunately, the cinematography occasionally suffers from Gladiator syndrome when there’s some crazy fight going on that I can’t focus on because the cameras are shaking, switching angles, and cutting to closeups so fast. I don’t think they screened this one for epileptics. There were some elves and crap that I couldn’t really relate to or care about, but who cares as long as they’re doing jumpkicks and flipping out like an albino ninja on PCP.

Overall, a good popcorn munch with some laughs, a few scares, and a crapload of intricate set design.

Work in progress for 7-14-08

Here’s last night’s mix of a song I’ve been working on.

It started as an instrumental about the last years of the French construction of the Panama Canal but ended up as sort of a Frippertronic soundscape. I’m still working on tweaking the drums and percussion stuff but the song is basically in the form I want it to be.

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 7-13-08

Moonbound – “Nina”
Genesis – “One for the Vine (Part 2)”
Ayreon – “Ride the Comet”
Ulver – “All the Love”
Animations – “Sonic Maze”
Marillion – “Emerald Lies (live)”
Riverside – “Dance with the Shadow”
Paatos – “Shame”
Jon Oliva’s Pain – “Global Warning”
Týr –“Brennivín”
Man on Fire – “What the Canvas Hides”
Tool – “46 & 2”
Eldritch – “The Blackened Day”