Monthly Archives: August 2008

New music project: Caustic Reverie

I’ve been messing around with some dark ambient and drone stuff and have started a new project called Caustic Reverie. I’ve released an album-length piece called Absent that is available to listen via streaming on It takes a while to build, so I recommend putting it on in the background when you go read some Thomas Ligotti.

Eleventh Hour Playlists for 8-17 and 8-24-08


Frost* – “The Other Me”
Gentle Giant – “The Boys in the Band”
Andromeda – “The Hidden Riddle”
Marillion – “Marbles III”
Ruby Bullet – “Leave it Behind”
Tiles – “Sacred & Mundane”
Popol Vuh – “Agnes Dei”
Arena – “The Butterfly Man”
Pineapple Thief – “And So Say All Of You”
God Is an Astronaut– “Tempus Horizon”
Therion – “Close Up the Streams”


Porcupine Tree – “Slave Called Shiver”
Scale The Summit – “Crossing the Ocean”
Kansas – “Belexes”
Carptree – “In the Centre of an Empty Space”
Sigh – “Silver Universe”
Don Caballero – “Challenge Jets”
Gentle Giant – “A Cry for Everyone”
Vulture Industries – “Grim Apparitions”
Rush – “Cinderella Man”
Edenbridge – “Fallen From Grace”
The Mars Volta – “Agadez”

Semi-useless WOTD for 8-17 and 8-24

8/17/2008 found at Merriam Webster

spavined: old and decrepit : over-the-hill

Garret taught Driver’s Ed with the aid of Lucille, a spavined Keys Cruiser so rusted out that he could use the hole in the passenger-side floorboards as a Fred Flinstone-style emergency break should one of his students fail to yield at an intersection.

8/24/2008 found at Merriam Webster

epigone: follower, disciple

Many laughed at the bathing suit-clad group flailing about on the grass at the park but before the day was over, the fringe sport of synchronized air-swimming had a few new epigones.