Monthly Archives: September 2008

New album details

The third Caustic Reverie album will be called Stochastic Resonance and will contain five tracks. There’s a companion piece to Vespers called Compline, though I’m not sure if I want to do the whole Canonical Hours cycle at this point. I’m still working on the artwork and final mixes, but I should have it released early next week to

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 9-21-08

Fish – “Square Go”
Pink Floyd – “Summer ’68”
Port Mahadia – “Siren’s Call”
Helloween – “Fallen to Pieces”
Andromeda – “My Star”
Riverside – “In Two Minds”
Amorphis – “Shaman”
Spheric Universe Experience – “The Inner Quest”
Jon Oliva’s Pain – “Look At The World”
Iced Earth – “Harbinger of Fate”
Frank Zappa – “Echidna’s Arf (Of You)”
Richard Barbieri – “Fear and Trembling”
Katatonia – “Rusted”
Black Bonzo – “Ageless Door”

Music update: working with fractals

I usually end up messing around with fractals and other forms of organized chaos in a visual field, but this week I’ve started experimenting it with music. Through a group, I was exposed to the music of Tim Doyle, some of which were composed with the aid of a program called MusiNum.

I downloaded it to give it a try but it doesn’t seem to like the fact that I’m running a 64-bit operating system. I did have better luck with David H. Singer’s FMusic. I was initially opposed to algorithmic composition as a viable way to make art, but this is a good deal more complex than pressing two buttons to get a ragtime shuffle in DMaj. I’ve been getting into more spaced-out, minimal stuff lately, so this is a perfect fit.

One new song is finished but untitled, the other is still in the mixing phase.

Eleventh Hour playlist for 9-14-08

Porcupine Tree – “What Happens Now”
IQ – “Through the Corridors”
Pyramaze – “Caramon’s Poem”
Cathedral – “The Crossing”
Sieges Even – “The Lonely Views of Condors (Live)”
Into Eternity – “The Incurable Tragedy II”
Gallery – “Tell Me”
Triumph – “Never Surrender”
Aetherius – “6”
Made Out of Babies – “The Major”

Semi-Useless WOTD for 9-14-08

9/14/2008 found through WWFTD

nugiperous: given to inventing trifles

Irene was the scourge of the rest home’s cribbage tables; she laughed in the faces of those she had beaten, and when she herself lost, she was often nugiperous, blaming her plight on everything from wearing the wrong prescription eyeglasses to have a bad horoscope for the day.

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 9-7-08

Demians – “The Perfect Symmetry”
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – “Living Sin”
Evergrey – “When Kingdoms Fall”
Pallas – “The Cross and the Crucible”
Andromeda – “Periscope(Live)”
Damon Shulman – “I’ll Break Your Heart”
Marillion – “Market Square Heroes”
No-Man – “Pigeon Drummer”
Jupiter Society – “Abduction”
Paatos – “Happiness”

New toy: the H4 Handy Recorder

I’ve just gotten a new recording gadget, the Zoom H4 Handy Recorder from Samson. Although the menu layouts can be frustrating, this thing has remarkably good sound from the built-in microphones and even comes with lots of on-board effects. I tried to record some guitar and bass to test its 4-track recorder functions but I was having trouble getting any signal from the inputs. I guess I’ll probably have to read the dern manual.