Monthly Archives: December 2008

Guitar themes update

I’m just putting the finishing touches on the last couple of tracks from Themes for Guitar and Voice – Volume 2. I should have the tracks finalized and uploaded sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.

In other news, I’ve just acquired a Line 6 X3 Pod the other night. It’s quite a change playing through either a Peavy practice amp or recording direct from the guitar, as I’ve never really been in a place where I could crank the volume high enough to get some of the extreme distortion and saturation from some of these models. It can record 24 bit/96k digital right to my soundcard, which is infinitely more high-tech than some of the methods I’ve been using to record for Guitar Themes. Speaking of which, I need to stop playing with the new toy and get this album finished.

I’m not sure if I’ll have it before the end of the year, but I do have a new instrument coming. It has twelve strings and will probably turn out to be bigger than my car.

Semi-Useless WOTD: thaumaturgist

12/21/2008 found through Meriam-Webster

thaumaturgist: a performer of miracles ; especially : magician

As she circled the mall parking lot for the third time, Sandy wished she had a thaumaturgist on speed-dial who could conjure her up a parking spot somewhere in this zip code so she could get some last minute shopping done.

Eleventh Hour playlist for 12-14-08

Frost* – “Falling Down”
Anubis Gate – “Andromeda Unchained”
Camel – “Flight of the Snow Goose (single edit)”
Deluge Grander – “Inaugural Bash (excerpt)”
The Third Ending – “Eleven”
Control Denied – “Cut Down”
The Watch – “The Border”
Jack Foster III – “Outbreak Monkey”
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – “The Curse of Baba Yaga/The Hut of Baba Yaga”
Tool – “h.”
3 – “My Divided Falling”

Semi-useless WOTD: sequacious

12/14/2008 found through

sequacious: easily influenced or led; servile; compliant

Albert left the Walkathalon in mid-lap to try and get himself a milkshake from the burger joint across the street, not realizing that half a dozen sequacious and/or thirsty fundraisers had followed him, deserting for some dessert.

Old songs re-released?

I have half a dozen or so songs from 2000 to 2005 that I’ve been thinking about re-releasing. At this point, they exist as a series of mp3s uploaded to soundclick or, often with fictitious album names to go with them. There is a fairly wide range of styles on these tracks, and some of them are experimental to the point of being painful to listen to. The songs are out there and I don’t want to disown them, but would it be in my best interest to officially release them on a compilation?

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 12-7-08

Rewiring Genesis – “Anyway”
Pagan’s Mind – “Evolution Exceed”
Kansas – “Paradox”
Elfonía – “Aura”
Marillion – “Warm Wet Circles”
Cynic – “Adam’s Murmur”
IZZ – “Ancient Memory”
Lunatic Soul – “The New Beginning”
Dionysus– “Puppet Show”
Mörglbl – “Les Mécanismes du Temps”
Devin Townsend – “The Greys”
Agalloch – “A Celebration for the Death of Man”
Ayreon – “Eyes of Time/Brainwaves”
Eyestrings – “Groove Seven”

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 11-30-08

Steven Wilson – “Harmony Korine”
Cherry Five – “The Swan Is A Murderer – Part 1”
Spock’s Beard – “Thoughts (Part II)”
Andromeda – “Worst Enemy”
Damon Shulman – “Scum”
Genesis – “White Mountain”
RC2 – “Coming Down Again”
Ark – “Absolute Zero”
Martyr – “Realms of Reverie”
Saga – “Sound Advice”
Enemy of the Sun – “Feel the Beating”