Monthly Archives: January 2009

Absent pressed!

I’ve just got something in the mail that brightened my day: my first album in physical form! It’s now available from Kunaki for the reasonable price of $6.00, so you too can have the joy of finding one of these in your mailbox. The album is still available for free download from Jamendo and, so feel free to give it a test-drive before clicking the tantalizingly sexy BUY NOW button.

Pardon the amateur photography.

I’m looking into having it carried by CDBaby and possibly Amazon.

Semi-useless WOTD: cacozelia

1/25/2008 found through WWFTD

cacozelia:  studied affectation in diction or style.

After learning that some of his former classmates had gone on to become doctors and lawyers, Nelson sought to impress everybody at his high school reunion with a speech that was an exercise in cacozelia and featured no less than ten obtuse allusions to pre-classical literature, a dozen phrases in Latin and Greek, and a peppering of incomprehensible acronyms and technobabble.

Eleventh Hour playlist for 01-18-09

Wolverine – “PlayA House of Plague
The Nice – “Azreal Revisited
Amorphis – “Shaman
Frantic Bleep – “PlaySins of Omission
Kurgan’s Bane – “Frankie Four Angels
Genesis – “PlayThe Return of the Giant Hogweed
Dark Empire – “PlayThe Forgotten Sin
Marillion – “Goodbye To All That/Wave
Kaipa – “Folke’s Final Decision
Pink Floyd – “Any Colour You Like
Dream Theater – “PlayOne Last Time

Semi-useless WOTD: heterodox

1/18/2008 found through

heterodox:  Contrary to or differing from some acknowledged standard. Holding unorthodox opinions or doctrines.

James found himself ostracized from the rest of the Gilligan’s Island fan club because of his heterodox theories about the crew of the S.S. Minnow being abducted by aliens to be studied in an intergalactic space-zoo; also, he thought Mary Ann was hotter than Ginger.

It’s megatime!

I’ve finally gotten my secret weapon in the mail: a custom Megatar Dragon.

They don’t call it a Megatar for nothing! Just for comparison’s sake, here’s it next to my old bass axe.

This thing is bigger than my torso.

I’ve messed around with it a little bit last night and I think I’ve figured out how to play most of Elephant Talk. I was going from a tab arranged for 4-string bass and had to try and reverse engineer how it would work on a 12-string tapper.

My masterplan for getting the X3 pod met a snag when I noticed that input 2 was an XLR jack instead of the 1/4″ that I was expecting. I’ve ordered an adapter and when it gets here, I’ll record some things to show it off.

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 01-11-09

Head Control System – “PlaySkin Flick
Genesis – “PlayLos Endos
Sieges Even – “Tidal
Parallel or 90 Degrees – “Embalmed in Acid
Agalloch – “PlayFire Above, Ice Below
Peter Hammill – “She Wraps It Up
Steven Wilson – “No Twilight Within The Courts Of The Sun
Fish – “The Company
Port Mahadia – “Requiem Of The Mind
Neuraxis – “Memento
Dream Theater – “PlaySolitary Shell
Kansas – “PlayThe Wall (live with London Symphony Orchestra)”