Monthly Archives: February 2009

RPM Challenge

I’ve known about the RPM Challenge (create an album in the month of February) for several months now but I’ve been hoping to finish a project that I started around the end of January first. I got sidetracked by a remix contest for Steven Wilson’s new album Insurgentes. I’ve finished the remix and I’m more than 3/5 through with Helix, but seeing that I had a week left to get my stuff together for RPM, I spent most of the weekend working on something new. I’ve completed three fairly minimal drones for this project that total 56 minutes of music. I haven’t decided on titles for the songs or started on album art.

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 2-15-09

Devin Townsend – “PlayDown and Under
Cherry Five – “PlayThe Swan Is A Murderer, Part 2
Star One – “Castle Hall (Live)”
The Watch – “Goddess
Obscura – “Orbital Elements
Egg – “Long Piece No. 3: Part 4
Pendragon – “Eraserhead
Adrian Belew – “On
we are jupiter – “Never Went Swimming
Rush – “PlayBeneath, Between & Behind (Live)”
agent cooper – “PlayTiming Crucial

Stochastic Resonance and CD BABY!

I mentioned earlier that my third Caustic Reverie album has now been pressed. Here’s some pictures and links for you to listen and perhaps buy it.

I’ve put three of my albums up on CD Baby.
Absent, Mute, and Stochastic Resonance are for sale for $10.00 each, or $5.00 each if you buy all three. If there’s a good reaction, I’ll see about making the rest of the catalog available.

By all means, feel free to download and listen before you buy.

Eleventh Hour playlist for 2-08-09

Tiles – “PlayStatic
Mahavishnu Orchestra – “PlayEternity’s Breath Part 1
Trey Gunn – “Field Raiders
King Crimson – “Waiting Man (Live)”
Pagan’s Mind – “Back to the Magic of Childhood, Part 1: Conception
Storms Approach – “PlayMosaic
Fish – “PlayVigil
The Ocean – “PlayStatherian
Rewiring Genesis – “Fly on a Windshield / Broadway Melody 1974
Kamelot – “PlayWhen the Lights Are Down (Live From Belgrade)”
H. P. Zinker – “The Breed
Frank Zappa – “Zomby Woof

Semi-useless WOTD: quantal

2/08/2009 found through Meriam-Webster

quantal: relating to, or having only two experimental alternatives

Daryl’s career, and quite possibly his survival, was quantal of him perfectly landing a fifty-foot jump over a shark tank full of rabid badgers on a specially modified, nitro-powered unicycle; the fact that he had agreed to do it while carrying a basket of poisonous snakes lead some to believe that this would probably be his last stunt either way.

Misc. crap

I was sick for a few days and got out of the habit of updating this. I’ve gotten Stochastic Resonance pressed through Kunaki and sent copies of the first three albums to CD Baby. If the response is good, I’ll look into getting the whole Caustic Reverie and TheForgotton catalog on there.

I’ve completed an entry in the Steven Wilson contest for his track Abandoner. My remix is entitled Abandoner-Hypothermia.

Work on Helix continues, though I’m finding myself playing Left 4 Dead a little more than I should if I want to get it out before March. The call of the Purp compels me.