Monthly Archives: March 2009

Eleventh Hour playlist for 3-15-09

Godsticks – “Not the Face
Bozzio Levin Stevens – “PlayDark Corners
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – “PlayThe Endless Enigma (Part One)
Jackie Perez Gratz Interview Part 1
Grayceon – “This Grand Show Is Eternal
Jackie Perez Gratz Interview Part 2
Rush – “PlayMarathon
Dysrhythmia – “PlayBus:terminal
King’s X – “PlayRepeating Myself
Morgan – “PlayThe Sleeper Wakes

Semi-useless WOTD: defalcate

3/15/2008 found through

defalcate: to steal or misuse money or property entrusted to one’s care

In his haste to get into the nightclub and start imbibing green-hued beverages, Harry soon found himself defalcated by a little man dressed like a Leprechaun, who turned out not to be the valet parking attendant after all.

Eleventh Hour playlist for 3-08-09

Neal Morse – “Leviathan
Rush – “PlayThe Trees
Zombi – “PlayCosmic Powers
Aaron Gregory Interview Part 1
Giant Squid – “Sevengill
Aaron Gregory Interview Part 2
The Nice – “PlayDiary Of An Empty Day
Derek Sherinian – “Molecular Heniosity
Ulver – “PlayAll The Love
Frost* – “Wonderland
Lord Divine – “By Myself

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 03-01-09

Andromeda – “PlayChameleon Carneval
Moonbound – “PlayNina
Kansas – “PlayThe Wall (live with London Symphony Orchestra)”
Autumn – “The Heart Demands
BeardFish – “And Never Know
Goblin– “Terra di Goblin
Epica – “Sancta Terra
King Crimson – “Cat Food
Simon Paradis – “All You Can Eat
Andrew Gorczyca – “Give It Time
Winds – “PlayConvictions and Contradictions
The Flower Kings – “PlayMonkey Business
Fish – “Zoe 25

Semi-useless WOTD: obaceration

3/01/2008 found through WWFTD

obaceration:  of shutting someone’s mouth

Just as Stevenson was starting to ask her out for the fifth time that night, Samantha interrupted to ask him where he got the red dress from his myspace picture, a remark that lead to his immediate obaceration and departure from the party, and it was rumored to have prompted his sudden move to Saskatoon

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 2-22-09

Paatos – “Gasoline
Daedalus – “Life
Genesis – “Time Table
Frost* – “Dear Dead Days
Skyclad – “I Dubious
Pain of Salvation – “Chain Sling
IQ – “Awake and Nervous
Isole – “Forlorn
Rocket Scientists – “Earthbound (2007 version)”
Sylvan – “The Last Embrace (Live)”