Monthly Archives: April 2009

Eleventh Hour playlist for 4-26-09

Oceansize – “Amputee
The Flower Kings – “Trading My Soul
Spastic Ink – “PlayRead Me
Enchant– “What To Say
No Go Know – “My Black Dog
Rush – “PlayCinderella Man
Believer – “PlayShut Out the Sun
Styx – “PlayFather O.S.A
Suspyre – “PlayApparitions
False Haruspex – “Twenty Three
Grey Lady Down – “Thrill of It All

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 4-19-09

Pallas – “PlayThe Blinding Darkness
Isis – “PlayWills Dissolve
Jethro Tull – “PlaySongs From the Wood
Saga – “Step Inside
My Dying Bride – “PlayThe Lies I Sire
Anthony Phillips – “Magdalen
The Season Standard – “The Water Fellow
Ayreon – “Carried by the Wind
Fish – “Goldfish & Clowns
Ruby Bullet – “PlayMy Everything
Spock’s Beard – “Here’s a Man (Live)

Eleventh Hour Playlist for 4-12-09

Cynic – “Nunc Stans
Strange Land – “Evolve
David Gilmour – “PlayThere’s No Way Out of Here
OSI – “Radiologue
Man on Fire – “PlayWhat The Canvas Hides
Yugen – “Brachilogia
Gentle Giant – “PlayA Cry for Everyone
Crimfall – “Shadow Hearth
Spock’s Beard – “Beware of Darkness
Paria – “Pish Posh
Rush – “PlayThe Twilight Zone
Obscura – “PlayOrbital Elements

Pegacorn EP

1. Mounting the Horned One (1:54)
2. Bearer of the Snakeshell Horn (1:29)
3. Sired in the Maze (1:57)
4. Hound of the Aegean (1:34)
5. The Seer of Tartarus (3:27)

I’d like to thank Juan Neguereula for designing the excellent logo. The photograph that the cover was based on is the Chimera of Arezzo, taken by Wikipedia user Lucarelli and released under the wikimedia commons license.

Coming soon: pornscrew

I’ve got a five track EP on the way from my porn-grind meets screw goof-off project. Wait until you see the logo! It’s unbelievably brutal and would actually make a cool tattoo. A cool tattoo, however, that would take a lot of explaining if they somehow managed to decipher the lettering.

Eleventh Hour playlist for 4-5-09

Andrew Gorczyca – “PlayPeasant Under Class
Redemption – “PlayThe death of faith and reason
Genesis – “PlayBack in N.Y.C.
Little Atlas – “PlayStage
Neal Morse – “The Conclusion
IQ – “Speak My Name
Aghora – “PlayGaruda
Discipline – “PlayThe Nursery Year
Pain of Salvation – “PlayDryad of the Woods