Monthly Archives: May 2009

His name is Jagadish

Aside from getting more releases published on Kunaki, I’ve been taking a break from Caustic Reverie. I’m getting back into a more rock-based songwriting mode. There’s a contest on the SA forums to write a song based on a random Wikipedia entry that I’ve entered, so the past week or so I’ve been trying to put something together.

The lucky article: Jagadish Chandra Bose, a noted Indian physicist and Royal Society member who may have beaten Marconi to the punch on wireless transmission; a man who didn’t rest on laurels (or patents) and ended up devoting some major study to biology and plant growth.

This theme turned out to be much more workable for me than the Panama Canal was in the last contest. I’ve written a song about one of his books entitled Response in the Living and Non-Living. Below is the work-in-progress demo with scratch vocals and some VST instruments that I’d like to replace.

Glacial Procession on the Glass Forest

The latest Caustic Reverie album was featured on the experimental music blog The Glass Forest. Check it out!

Glacial Procession is the next project of Caustic Reverie. Bryn is more and more able to link field recording and ambient-music as atmospheric and artistic as possible. A freezing cold blows the listener away and tears him into the arms of the exciting and atmospheric world of Caustic Reverie.

New toy: the Mandala drum pad 2.0

I’ve just picked up a gently used Mandala 2.0 drum pad.

As you can see, it’s huge! It completely dwarfs the pads on my DS-10.

The black beauty snare emulation program seems to work great given the three minute demo I put it through. I had a harder time navigating the virtual brain software but if I can figure out how to involve some of my other midi gear, this looks a very powerful system.