Monthly Archives: August 2009

Giant Squid II: Electric Shamu

Jackie Perez Gratz and Aaron Gregory of the popular whalecore ensemble Giant Squid were kind enough to drop by the station this afternoon to do some press while they were in the Keys on vacation.

I got to do phone interviews with them both back in March, so it was a treat to have them at the station in person.

RIP Les Paul

The man should be remembered for a whole lot more than the namesake guitar that the Guitar Hero game controller is modelled after. All fans of recorded music owe a debt to his ingenuity. Reading news stories on his life and accomplishments, I’ve been inspired by the lifelong genius of this wonderful musician and inventor.


I’ve set up a Bandcamp account for Caustic Reverie with three songs worth of albums. If there’s a good reaction, I’ll upload the rest of my material. Songs are available for free download in various formats, and there’s even a “buy” link if you’re feeling particularly altruistic.