Monthly Archives: September 2009

Caustic Reverie late September update’s servers took a shit during the weekend I spent uploading my tracks and it took their customer service about a week to get through the backlog and get back to me. I’ve reuploaded the songs and I’m hoping they’ll stick this time. Watch this spot.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a CR album in surround and I did a quick 5.1 mix of Vigils as a proof of concept. I’ll share the link once I get a chance to hear the mix on a decent setup and make sure I didn’t blow the LFE channel all the way to hell.

Steven Wilson and The Incident

I got to do a phone interview with one of my favorite musicians: Steven Wilson of Porucpine Tree, Bass Communion, Continuum, Blackfield, IEM, and a solo artist. We talked about his new album, remastering King Crimson’s classics for surround sound, and what to expect from the upcoming Orphaned Land album ORwarrior. If all goes well, the tour should take him back in this neck of the woods around the spring of 2010.

I’ve been enjoying the surround mix on the latest Porcupine Tree album The Incident, not to mention the hardcover book of photography that is a part of the deluxe edition. Very cool stuff.

Furniture fun

Sorry that I’ve been away from this thing for a while. I’ve been spending a fair amount of time fixing up the bachelor pad, most of which seems to be from assembling furniture. I’ve put together a leather office chair and two sets of media shelving. At one point, the experience reminded me of some fond childhood memories: putting together brightly colored plastic blocks while trying to make sense of the cryptic, wordless instructions in an attempt to make the pile of parts before me look like thing on the box. I came up with this slogan shortly afterwards:

Furniture: Lego for grownups.