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The Eleventh Hour Podcast 27 + Bone Cave Ballet interview

The 27th installment of the Eleventh Hour podcast is below. I got to speak with Jacqui Gilroy from the Seattle-based group Bone Cave Ballet back in November, and our interview is featured on this show. There are also tracks from Seven Impale, Devin Townsend, Little Atlas, Nero Di Marte, and Of Earth.

Seven Impale – What Am I Sane For
Of Earth – Open Letter/Everything
Bone Cave Ballet – Shape to Stay
Jacqui Gilroy – Eleventh Hour Interview part 1
Bone Cave Ballet – Breakup Yoga
Jacqui Gilroy – Eleventh Hour Interview part 2
Little Atlas – Oort
Nero Di Marte – Time Dissolves
Devin Townsend – Down and Under