Monthly Archives: January 2014

2014 is here! Holy crap, it’s almost February!

Howdy, folks. I’ve been too busy writing, making music, and otherwise carrying on to give this site regular updates lately. Here’s my late 2013-to-present update of affairs.

On the writing front, I finished a very rough draft of my first novel Casey Stripe: Discount Necromancer. While I was trying to sort it out and turn it into something more readable, November came around again and I started on another NaNoWriMo attempt, which turned into Further Complications, my second novel. As it stands now, my second book might be ready before my first one, since it was less of a tangled mess and didn’t require nearly as much research into the arcane and occult.

My radio show The Eleventh Hour continues on in podcast form. The updates are more sporadic than I’d like, but you can subscribe to the RSS or just like the Facebook page to be notified when new shows are available.

I’m continuing to work on two Source-engine mods: No More Room in Hell, which made the finals for the ModDB awards for 2013, and Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II. Both are available on Steam, though you may need an Orange-box game already installed to get PVKII running.

There have been some lineup changes with my group Identity Collapse but we’ve recently started recording again. Instead of the electronic drum triggers that we used on the demo, we’ve been able to set up microphones around my real drumset at the IC corporate headquarters.