Monthly Archives: May 2014

Some recording shots

Some recording projects I’ve been messing with for PVK II and other projects.

To get some ice cracking and crunching sounds, I froze a bag of water to make a larger, pillow-shaped ice brick. It turned out to be less impressive of a crack than I was imagining but I was able to break it by hand and get some nice ice friction stuff out of it, at least.


For PVK II, I needed to create some desert winds for the map Sandstorm. I already had some library recordings of wind that I liked but I needed some “sand” to add in, so I experimented with recording grainy items around the house including rice and oatmeal to try and get the right feel.


Some veggies awaiting destruction in the name of flesh rips, stabs, and other gooshy gore noises.


Here I am capturing some field recordings of the Key Largo shore. I usually record ambiences with the stereo mics from my Zoom H4 or H2. They also pick up a lot of background car traffic and distant boats and such so I thought I’d try track some wave crashes with a shotgun mic.