Monthly Archives: June 2014

More microfiction

Drive your car into an empty field, away from the city. Move the body from the trunk to the front seat and put your nose studs and earrings into the flesh of the corpse. With a little luck and a gallon of unleaded, it might fool the investigators for a while. They haven’t found the others yet but you shouldn’t feel cozy. Cut your hair and hop the first bus to the next town. Be forgettable, vulnerable, another face in the crowd. You will know what to do when the time is right again. No souvenirs. Stick to the plan.

No more directions, only laughter from the GPS as Abe’s car sank into the lake, sounding like an echo of his late ex-wife.

They hid the brightly colored eggs before any of the children awoke. The Easter wasps flew back to their nest and waited.

Quality Control

I lift the spoon to my lips again and force myself to chew the briny yellow paste, swallowing a scream that no one in the factory would even hear.

I once squished the brightly colored blobs into shapes, mixing bits from each plastic tub in the hopes that my eyes would trick my tastebuds. It didn’t matter if molded into a hotdog or tugboat, the Doh would always taste the same.

I think of yogurt, pudding, oatmeal, anything to choke down another bite without puking a rainbow; I was mere ounces away from my quota.

Quality Control: it’s a living.