Monthly Archives: September 2014

100 word story: Fountain

On a busy afternoon in the park, two lovers stopped in front of the gleaming brass fountain. She asked him for a coin.

He pulled one from his pocket and handed it to her. “What will you wish for?” He had to raise his voice just short of a yell to be heard over the drone of leaf blowers and shouts from a nearby soccer match.

She didn’t say.

The dime hit the water with a splash and then stopped, as if frozen in place. Little droplets of water hung suspended near the surface and glinted in the silent sunlight.

Learning FMOD Studio through Unity

Here’s a clip of a project I’ve been working on to cut my teeth on implementing and scripting sound elements with FMOD Studio. I’ve taken the Roll-A-Ball tutorial from Unity as a starting point, tweaked the scoring system and added bumpers.

Things I’d like to add/improve:

  • Dynamic music
  • Wall collision sounds
  • Velocity-dependent ball rolling sounds
  • Velocity-dependent pickup sounds
  • Respawning/randomized cube pickups
    • The cube hums were synthesized in Alchemy and I recorded the bumper sounds from a lamp.

The cheap-ass foley stage experiment

One of the sound clips I’m working on has footsteps on boardwalk and ladders. There aren’t any good environments to record nearby, so I’ve taken it upon myself to build a temporary foley stage in my living room using some leftover wood from my college dorm-room loft and a sheet of scrap plywood.



I’ve been able to get different sounds by changing the configuration (plywood above or below the boards, etc.).