Here and Away reviewed: Synth&Sequence

Sylvain Lupari from Synth&Sequence gave my latest Caustic Reverie album a review.

“The color of the tones and the soundscapes are separated between good effects of reverberations and synth layers which cuddle depths rather colorful painted by very diversified samplings. The sibylline and psychotronic sides are elements that we remark a little bit better after more than one listening. And contrary to the addicting and delicious rhythm of “End Credits”, “End Credits (Extended)” ends this 20th album from Caustic Reverie with a more ambient and especially more melodious approach. But all in all, Bryn Schurman’s music is constantly evolving between two universes where fright is never too far from a strange paranormal sweetness. A fascinating album which will please the amateurs of a music built in the art to seduce eardrums with an approach clearly bore by a vision for the abstract art.”

Read the whole thing here.

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