1. Helix 2 (9:21)
2. Helix 3 (16:48)
3. Untitled (Reconstruction) (2:37)
4. Tranquil Reflection (20:38)
5. Smut King Refraction (4:07)
6. Arcane Robins Tilt (4:50)
7. Inertias Hold Tow (7:58)
8. Caped Psych Antic (3:11)

Remainders is a compilation of Caustic Reverie drones and soundscapes from 2009-2010 that weren’t released for one reason or another.

The first two pieces are from Helix, a multi-movement generative piece utilizing fmusic, a program by David H. Singer to compose music using fractals and Cellular Automata. Helix was planned to be a companion to Stochastic Resonance, but the project was abandoned in early 2009.

Track 3 came from a sound design session for the group Washed In Blood sometime around May of 2009. I decided to revisit the piece over a year later. There are some binaural panning effects, so I’d recommend listening to this track with a good set of headphones.

Tranquil Reflection was intended to be a collaboration with Seamus Stimpson of Swimmingpool The Band, but it seemed every time I sent him the track, his computer would malfunction. I stopped sending it to him again just in case the track was cursed.

Tracks 5-8 are from a split EP with my noise outfit Shufflebrain. All sounds came from a Korg Kaospad.

Bryn Schurman: Synthesizers, percussion, processing, and production.

  Royalty-free music for professional licensing

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