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Miscelaneous music updates

Josh and I are working on another batch of songs for Sumptus Ignis but we haven’t decided yet whether this will be an EP or a full-length.

In Caustic Reverie news, the digital re-release campaign continues. So far, I have uploaded Starter House, Decadent Nemesis, Bones of the Earth, Unearthly Sun, The Descending, Remainders, and Mithridatium.

Experiments in a Holographic Universe

Released June 23rd 2009, the first Shufflebrain venture is a fusion of noise and ambient. Tortured vocals, heavily processed guitar, and chaotic synthesizers were utilized in these first five experiments. There was a disc crash during the recording of Experiment 4, and the three remixes are alternate reconstructions given the remaining files. It is also available to download from Jamendo.

1. Experiment 1: A Hologramic Theory (4:21)
2. Experiment 2: (redacted) (6:55)
3. Experiment 3: Sense Intensification (4:30)
4. Experiment 4: Memory Overflow (12:15)
5. Experiment 4.1: Memory Recall (6:38)
6. Experiment 4.2: Memory Recursion (4:27)
7. Experiment 4.3: CRC Error (2:51)
8. Experiment 5: The Hologramic Mind (6:31)

Glacial Procession on the Glass Forest

The latest Caustic Reverie album was featured on the experimental music blog The Glass Forest. Check it out!

Glacial Procession is the next project of Caustic Reverie. Bryn is more and more able to link field recording and ambient-music as atmospheric and artistic as possible. A freezing cold blows the listener away and tears him into the arms of the exciting and atmospheric world of Caustic Reverie.