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Here and Away review: Chain D.L.K.

Tyran from Chain D.L.K. has written the first review for Here and Away.

““Night Trip” sets a tone of contradictory nostalgia, as alluring as it is frightening. Imagine a recurring nightmare you haven’t had since you were a child yet which now pricks at your desire to see it with waking eyes. This is the ouroboros whose songs are documented herein. “Ordered and Filed,” on the other hand, is cloaked in a honeycombed past. With the post-apocalyptic contours of a Tarkovsky wasteland, Schurman manifests the body’s internal mechanisms as destitutions made anthemic by the caress of a distant sun.”

Check it out!

Horror soundtrack: The Drowning Cage

Even though the stores around here are already putting up Xmas decorations, October is all about scares and spooky soundtracks for me. Here’s an another ambient track I’ve been working on for Caustic Reverie.