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Album update: Sub Phoebus take 2

While going through the final mixes for the tracks on Sub Luna, I realized there were a couple of things that were bugging me about Sub Phoebus and I’ve decided to tweak a few things. The first problem is that it wasn’t sonically different enough from Sub Luna, especially in the first minute. Also, there were a couple of drum samples that stuck out to me on repeated listens with headphones. The challenge has been to replace a weak snare but keep the same relative drum mix.

A big issue in this remix was to try and get the same sound in a different software environment. The first time around, I had dumped all the tracks from FL Studio and imported them into Cubase for EQ, effects, and mix automation. FL 8 is nearly powerful enough to be a one-stop shop, but I was having trouble finding a way to draw automation from scratch instead of just editing recorded knob turns, etc. I think I’m nearly there, but I have a couple of tweaks to do here and there before I’ll be satisfied enough to release it officially.

Stochastic Resonance

  1. Stochastic Resonance 1 (11:55)
  2. In Vacuo (17:12)
  3. Stochastic Resonance 2 (7:31)
  4. Compline (13:19)
  5. Stochastic Resonance 3 (9:20)

Stochastic Resonance is the third Caustic Reverie album and it has been released on last.fm. The songs were fractally composed with the help of FMusic and then stretched, chopped, spliced, and mangled into the shape they are now. Enjoy!

Music update: working with fractals

I usually end up messing around with fractals and other forms of organized chaos in a visual field, but this week I’ve started experimenting it with music. Through a last.fm group, I was exposed to the music of Tim Doyle, some of which were composed with the aid of a program called MusiNum.

I downloaded it to give it a try but it doesn’t seem to like the fact that I’m running a 64-bit operating system. I did have better luck with David H. Singer’s FMusic. I was initially opposed to algorithmic composition as a viable way to make art, but this is a good deal more complex than pressing two buttons to get a ragtime shuffle in DMaj. I’ve been getting into more spaced-out, minimal stuff lately, so this is a perfect fit.

One new song is finished but untitled, the other is still in the mixing phase.