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As Is

Disbelief washes over him
Sight erased by an unspeakable fate
Swallowed up by blissful waves of gray
The mind reacts to save itself — too late

Glimpses from a realm beyond
Through the cracks of the world
A shimmer in the dark
The night grows colder

The gods return
As is foretold
To reign insane
So shall They rise
The world of man
When blackest stars
With force reclaimed
Again align

Broken minds heralding the day
Twisted fingers trace the glyphs – dark rituals
Fragments of the eldritch arts
Sorceries lost to time return in dreams
Unspeakable blasphemies

All shall sing praise to the devourer
Sprawling entity
Nightmare manifest
Disgorge the cosmic rift
The faithful shall be blessed
With slaughter swift
To satiate the fiends from slumber

Blighted Shore

In the stillness
Hot breath of decay
Dead sky crushing down sweltering
A stinking weight
Conversations of carrion
Black waters yawn
Awaiting your misstep
Surrounded by watchful eyes

Driven to the edge
Beyond the blighted shore
A victim of obsession
Drawn into the mire
Hunting for a ghost

Among the flies
Hear them sing
Lips of phantoms

From the depths
Fists of bone
Erupt to ensnare
Fallen trees stare
Hungry and vigilant

In the half light
Hope leads the eyes astray
Every shadow concealing
The pale limbs
Dancing out of reach
The beauty of the bog
Claims another wanderer