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Miscelaneous music updates

Josh and I are working on another batch of songs for Sumptus Ignis but we haven’t decided yet whether this will be an EP or a full-length.

In Caustic Reverie news, the digital re-release campaign continues. So far, I have uploaded Starter House, Decadent Nemesis, Bones of the Earth, Unearthly Sun, The Descending, Remainders, and Mithridatium.

EP details

Happy February from camp Sumptus Ignis. We’ve locked down the final mixes and can now announce that our first release is entitled Seasons of Attrition, for release in early March. We’re calling it an EP since it has four songs, even though it’s technically longer than Reign In Blood.

Voices of the Dead (8:22)
As Is (5:17)
Beyond the Blighted Shore (7:43)
December’s End (7:52)

Special thanks to Richard at Demiurgic Designs for the sick album art and spiffy new logo redesign. Watch this spot for a cover reveal in the next two weeks.

Voices of the Dead

Whispers from the long-departed
Songs of stillness carved in silence
Sorrowed secrets, words of anger
Locked in time like wasps in amber

Clutching hands – Fever shakes
The concrete bed so cold
Rags over bone
Staring bloodshot
Insomniac dreams intrude
Staining the landscape
Obscenity unseen

Desperation lingering
A broken thing discarded

Ragged nails – Plow the scars
The hunger digs below
Deep in the soul
Boiling empty
Chew the dregs
Digest the filth of decisions past

Every waking moment – Voices of the dead
Phantom vicious babble – Drains his sanity
Constant mental battle – Hear them screaming
Nightmares never buried – The traumas trail his life

Eyes closed – Still the visions remain
The past tears through the comforting lies
Cracked skull – the walls are crumbling down
Burdened by atrocity

Blistered grin – A vulture’s laugh
like rusted links of chain
Dropped to the earth
Broken shackles – the guilt undone
Forgiveness comes with a gift of silence

December’s End

Ash and alabaster
Buried Century
No headstones to describe
The silence beneath
Wastes bled white
Unbroken miles shriek
Grim winds standing guard
For what fools would unleash

Dread swords in slumber
Forged from hate and aggression
Armaments of cold disdain

Woe awaits
Deferred but unrelenting

Though we stand at December’s end
The winter rages on and on
Our frozen fears are never far
Until the ice has come to thaw

Patient pestilence aplenty
Persisting under the ice
Hidden from sight and mind, they linger
The worms shall have their turn

The legacy of bloodless feuds
From forestalled enmity to total ruin

Permafrost to slush
The glaciers weep
Dead oceans stretch their fingers
All borders erased
When warmer winters rage
And shielding snows subside
The flotsam on the rising seas
Shall bear an ill tide